Krav Maga Framework

Our Krav Maga 'return to play' action plan/framework has been approved by the DCMS as of 6th May 2021 and is available to use with immediate effect.

We have made the action plan and a sample risk assessmement (both approved by DCMS and Public Health) available for download below. 

Please note that the duty of care to persons attending your Krav Maga/Kapap classes remains your responsibility. The framework and risk assessment are provided as an approved baseline on which you should build your own control measures. KMRT, it's management and members accept no liability for any loss, harm or injury to persons participating in your lessons.  


Please note that as of 14th June, when Boris Johnson made his latest announcement, all Krav Maga activities remain at Phase 1 for adults indoors and outdoors and at Phase 2 for under 18's indoors and outdoors.